10 years of Transition Toronto and we still need help with the EcoFair

10 years of Transition Toronto

Hi, it’s Andrew Knox, and I can’t help but indulge in a little self-reflection at our 10-year mark. It was 10 years ago when I was settling back in to Toronto, having been living in Devon, UK, when Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu set up a day in the park for me to talk about what I’d learned about Transition Towns.  That then turned into a presentation at a Post-Carbon Toronto meeting where the first members joined our first steering committee, and that started Transition Toronto.  10 years later, we have so many more members and partners, we have so many great projects under our belt, and we’re still going strong!  I’ve loved it, and it’s given no small measure of meaning to my life.  Thank you all for making Transition Toronto possible and for supporting what we all do together.  Thank you!

Help make the 2019 EcoFair Wonderful!

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past 10 years: We need help with the EcoFair! Right now there’s a specific job that badly needs doing: We need someone to send emails to an existing list of businesses to ask for items that we can sell in the silent auction. Emails would be sent from the Ecofair email account, and if you're able to send these emails you'd also need to monitor responses. If you can do it, please let me know by replying to this email! The silent auction is important to helping the EcoFair break even each year so we can keep running EcoFairs annually!

GO TO the ECOFAIR Nov. 3!

Even if you can’t volunteer for the EcoFair at the Barns, you should go to it!  It’s Sunday Nov. 3rd, there’s food, and it’s always fun. 

The EcoFair at the Barns is a free, family-friendly event that informs and inspires greener choices in our homes and communities. At the EcoFair we showcase the exciting programs, products and services of over 40 environmental not-for-profit organizations and eco-friendly businesses. It is a chance to celebrate the great things that people are doing locally for the environment. It’s inspiring!

TreeMobile was great

TreeMobile always leaves us a little too exhausted to brag so we haven’t said anything about it in the months since we planted hundreds of food-bearing plants in April and May, but, seriously, it was great this year, just like it is every year! If you want to join the TreeMobile team, just hit reply and let us know (we could use the help). It’s about time to start organizing another awesome season! Thanks to our partners in Hamilton for helping us expand into their great city for the first time!